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BODY & SOLD 2004-2005


Roxbury Community College, 2005

Director:  Deborah Lake Fortson  

Production Manager: Belina Mizrahi  

Set:  Mirta Tocci

Produced by Tempest Productions, Inc, with the Department of Social Services, Boston Regional Office, Dimock Community Health Center, Boston Women's Fund, Haymarket Peoples' Fund, Fay Chandler, and Amy Merrill.


BODY & SOLD 2015-2016

Fort Point, MA: The Club by George Forman III | October 25, 2015

Produced by Fort Point Theatre Channel

Directed by Marc Miller with music by Nick Thorkelson.  Panel included Lieutenant Donna Gavin of the Boston Police Department, Mia Alvarado, Director of Roxbury Youthworks, Inc.,  and life coaches Nikia Boden and Bailey Burrell.


Cristina Dones reading as Jeanette

Cambridge, MA: The Central Square Theatre | September 14, 2015

Produced by Lee Mikeska Gardnder, Artistic Director of the Nora Theatre, with Tempest Productions —Deborah Lake Fortson and Amy Merrill.

Directed by Naomi Ibasitas; panel included Audrey Morrissey, Associate Director of My Life, My Choice, Steven Procopio, Program Director of the BUILD Program, Roxbury Youthworks, Inc., Detective Sergeant Louis Cherubino, Detective Kevin Donofio and LCSW Cathy Pemberton of the Cambridge Police Department.

Audrey Akka as The Young Girl

Charlestown, MA: The Charlestown Working Theatre | November 16, 2015

Produced by Tempest Productions and Amy Merrill with Sleeping Weazel —Charlotte Meehan and Adara Myers— at The Charlestown Working Theatre.

Directed by Robbie McCauley with a cast drawn from Wheaton College, Emerson College, and Boston-area actors.

Ebody Kennedy as Linda

Cambridge MA: The Democracy Center | February 7, 2016

Produced by Erin Butcher with Maiden Phoenix Theatre Company

Directed by Lindsay Eagle featuring Boston-area actors.  Panel featuring Sergeant Detective Louis Cherubino, Detective Kevin Donofrio and LCSW Cathy Pemberton.

 Jeanette and Billy

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